Rotating and Tilting House by Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder. Hudson Valley, NY


A pair of artists built and lived in this house balanced on a pole in upstate New York, which spun around and inclined as they moved around it during their week-long residency.
Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder built the inhabitable ReActor structure at the OMI Art Center, which is located in the Hudson Valley near the town of Ghent.
The sculpture – which measured 44 feet long and eight feet wide – sat atop a concrete column, raising it 15 feet  off the ground.
A hinge connected to the column allowed the entire piece to tilt and rotate around a central point as the weight of its inhabitants shifted.
The balancing structure comprised a wooden frame with floor-to-ceiling windows, with a look reminiscent of Modernist houses like Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut.
The objective of the exhibition – Wood: From Structure to Enclosure – was to demonstrate the different possibilities for the use of this material.

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