SS House by B. Almeida. Argentina


Besonias Almeida Arquitectos is an architecture studio integrated by Argentinian architects maria Victoria Besonías and Guillermo de Almeida. ‘S&S house’ is located in costa esmeralda, a private venture on the dunes, 390km from the city of buenos aires. the lot intervened has a gentle slope to the street and a greater one towards the bottom. the client’s requests included the construction of a house characterized by its formal austerity and by its low maintenance requirements.the ’S&S house will be inhabited mainly during summer by a family with three children. the program includes a generous living area to host common activities, a kitchen visually integrated to it, and an outdoor expansion that allows for the enjoyment of nature. it has three bedrooms, one private bathroom and dressing room, and the other two ready to receive eventual guests. all rooms were developed on one level.
all images Gustova Pinilla

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