Golf House by Luciano Kruk. Buenos Aires, Argentina

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A trio of board-marked concrete volumes are stacked to create this holiday home by Luciano Kruk, which stands in the dunes of a golf course on the Argentinian coastline.
The Argentinian architect was asked to create Casa Golf as a year-round holiday home in Costa Esmeralda, a neighbourhood near the seaside resort of Pinamar.
The 270-square-metre building comprises three reinforced concrete blocks, which have large windows to exploit views of the coast and golf course.
Each of the blocks contains a different element of the house – guest suites in the base, a living room in the middle and the master bedroom in the uppermost volume. “The architectural strategy aimed at organising the different functional requirements, distinctly grouped in three pure volumes oriented independently of one another and set at different levels.”
The base block is half-buried in a dune, helping to lessen the visible scale of the house from the surroundings. Its sunken position means some bedroom windows are aligned with the ground, while others are partially concealed from an adjacent road by a group of maritime pine trees.

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