Cabin Lille Aroya by Lund Hagem. Norway


This charming cabin on stilts perched over an uneven rocky site in Norway is a holiday home for an interior architect, an artist and their two children. Oslo-based studio Lund Hagem designed Cabin Lille Arøya to be an extension of the majestic landscape.The 807-square-foot home is located on a small island off the coast of Helgeroa village in Southern Norway. Hidden from view, the house replaces an existing structure on a site exposed to strong winds. The architects designed two volumes connected by a decked walkway that widens to form a terrace.“The new volumes sit naturally with the existing landscape and allow for free circulation and use of surround areas,” said the architects. Cabin Lille Arøya is one of three island cabins recently designed by the architects.
all images Alexander Westberg 


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