One Workplace by Design Blitz. California, US


The One Workplace Headquarters project was a unique opportunity for both One Workplace and for Design Blitz. One Workplace is the largest furniture dealer in Northern California and the single source for Steelcase furniture in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ambitious directive was to re-define the architectural standard not only of the company, but also of the showroom experience itself and create a bleeding edge, world-class workplace that serves both employees and customers alike.
One Workplace had already shifted the industry paradigm of sales and showrooms away from a transactional experience to one of collaboration and partnership. This leadership position makes One Workplace a formidable client partner, and the next iteration of their corporate headquarters needed to embody this innovation and progression. No longer a static showroom, the working showroom needed to demonstrate what is possible when great minds come together within the context of a multi-disciplinary design lab. Blitz was a natural design partner for One Workplace. As a young firm who is redefining the architectural service model through their use of client-friendly technology and open platform, they had already established a track record for creating innovative workplaces for several of Silicon Valley’s most successful technology companies. Working in partnership with One Workplace, Design Blitz realized the transformation inbuilt form, creating a working showroom representative of One Workplace’s evolution. A collaborative process, the project brought together Design Blitz’s expertise in workplace architecture and One Workplace’s special knowledge of furniture to create a layered environment.



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