The Shed by Richard Peters. Sydney, Australia


Tucked away into an unassuming lane, it’s the type of building you’re accustomed to walking past without noticing. In most old-industrial inner-city suburbs you’ll find these old, rundown sheds that have gone through numerous incarnations but, often, have fallen into disuse.

This particular shed dates back to 1890, when two Irish brothers — Blacksmiths by trade — built the simple structure to house their growing coach building business. Since then, it’s been a motorcycle repair shop, second-hand washing machine warehouse, builder’s workshop and, more recently, an artists’ studio.

Located in the Sydney suburb of Randwick, close to The Spot and in walking distance to Coogee Beach — the location was right. It presented an exciting opportunity to develop a smaller, sustainable and more efficient way to live, while challenging the convention that ʻbigger is betterʼ. But it would take a lot of imagination and a leap of faith to transform this dilapidated shed into a home.


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