Embraced House by Pedro Quintela. Portugal



A cozy house that wraps you in its embrace. An old building in Cascais, Portugal was restored by Portuguese artist and architect, Pedro Quintela who turned it into the Embracing House. The materials in this cozy, warm home explode with vitality. In 2008, architect and artist Pedro Quintela from Pedro Quintela – O Espírito do Lugar Design Studio came upon some old stone ruins in Malveira da Sierra, at the foot of the Sintra mountains and offering ocean views. He fell in love with the place and bought what the locals called “a pile of rubble”. Pedro Quintela personally supervised the long restoration process – from cleaning up the site to the interior design – and the result is a truly unique home, one that clearly contrasts with contemporary minimalism.  The materials play a very important part in this work and were selected to respect the identity of the original construction, all sourced locally – pinewood, Sintra granite and of course recycled stone from the ruins. The architect appears to have picked up the pieces of a puzzle, delicately adapting them to different positions and using them in new ways. The U shape of the volumes gave the house its name – Embracing House. But this is something more than just a question of form, it is actually in keeping with Pedro Quintela’s holistic approach, which has been visually interpreted by the photographs of Ricardo Oliveira Alves. Design where the architecture, as Quintela himself says, is an evolving process structured into three stages: adaptation (responding to the location), transformation (a form of reflection) and crystallisation (the creation). And the resulting architecture is new but old, an authentic work that reflects “the spirit of the site”.
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