El Bosque by Arcadi Pla Masmiquel. Spain



The project consisted of the restoration of the house “El Bosquet”, which is inside the neighbourhood of “Can Gustí”, located in “La Vall de Riu”. The objective was to set the house up as a short-stage refugee. Thus, the restoration entailed the reinforcement of the stony walls, the change in the house layout turning it into a main space which encompassed the dining room and the living room, and the relocation of the services (kitchen and bathroom). The night area was in the lower level, in an enclosed space. Moreover, the facade composition was developed offering new windows as view frames which valued the astonishing landscape of the valley. t the same time, another layer was gained in the walls and the roof with a great deal of isolation and wood plaques, so that they improved the thermal conditions of the interior. On the whole, we were seeking a seclusion atmosphere in order to observe and enjoy this privileged spot.

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