House in Fontinha by Manuel Aires Mateus

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The house designed by Manuel Aires Mateus and SIA Arquitectura, is distributed in two levels and has, inside of its program, three bedrooms, two living-rooms, one kitchen, storage space, two flat roofs an done swimming pool in an infinite style. His insides, monochromatic as well, have an interesting light set, straight and widespread, that saturates the housing with a brightness, freshness, cleanness and calm atmosphere.

Positioned at the peak of a hill, the two-storey house was conceived as a place offering views out across the landscape of Fontinha , and was also planned to offer a inner vision as a typical courtyard residence.

The most characteristic action on the design is the sliced off corner creating a partial arch on the lower level of the building and accommodates an access to a living room. This curved shape has its echo in a minimal white interior of the house, the arched ceiling that stretches across the stairwell.

The house contains three bedrooms, all located on the upper floor. The two smaller rooms sit bedside one another at the back, while the master bedroom is positioned beside the swimming pool and features its own marble-lined shower area. The kitchen is also on this floor and features a worktop with a skylight overhead, as well as a triangular fireplace recessed into a corner.


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