Stone Creek Camp by Andersson Wise Architects. Montana, US

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Short pieces of debarked timber are stacked to form the walls of this remote wilderness retreat, designed for an active family by US studio Andersson-Wise Architects.
The Stone Creek Camp is located in Big Fork, a scenic area in northwestern Montana. It was built for a couple and their grown children, who have families of their own.
The complex consists of both private zones and communal areas, along with a series of interlocking exterior courtyards. “Each structure is designed to make a courtyard that allows light to come into the buildings during the dark winter months,” the firm said.
The remote camp is nestled into a hill and is organised in a way that enables visitors to “discover the site progressively”. Guests pass through a gatehouse and then travel down a path that leads to a lodge, the main home and a guest dwelling.

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