Hadar's House by Asante Architecture. Norway


Located on coast of Stokkøya, Norway, just next to the water, overlooking the neighboring islands and the Norwegian Sea, is Hadar’s House, a small home for a chef, designed by Asante Architecture & Design.
As you enter the small house, there’s a tile entryway with walls lined with wood that provide a space for storing a bike, coats, and shoes. As part of the overall house design, the home owner wanted to make sure there would be sea views from all of the rooms throughout the house. In the main living area, a brightly colored teal blue kitchen with a white tile backsplash lines one wall.  Looking back towards the kitchen, you become aware of the lofted bedroom that’s accessed by a wooden ladder. Throughout the home, the trapezoidal metal sheets of the interior roof are left exposed giving a playful contrast to the warm wood while reflecting the light from the sky and the water into the building.

via asante.se

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