Casa Ro by Elias Rizo Arquitextos. Jalisso, Mexico.

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Casa RO got a complete overhaul when Elías Rizo Arquitectos came in to renovate the deteriorated 1960s Guadalajara, Mexico residence. The young family had the desire for a warm home and wanted to step away from the cold trends that were going on in architecture by using lots of wood and stone throughout.
Wood not only is the primary covering of the facade, it’s used throughout the interior as well. The wood exterior is a nice contrast to the high white walls that surround both sides of the property.
The terrace runs the width of the house and it’s where the family spends much of their time year round. I would too if I had that pool.
Part of the second floor’s wooden skin is set on rails to allow the family to open the space up to more or less light when desired. The other key space in the home is the double height entrance. The intention of the foyer space is to become a home for sculptures.The rustic tree stumps juxtaposed with the modern clean lines of the wood and flooring materials really breaks the space up. Most of the original marble flooring remains in place on the ground floor.

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