Huinganal School by Re Arquitectos. Chile


With topography full of slopes and hills, the Huinganal School, tries to relate harmonically with its environment, without leaving out the basic principles by which the school works: Intellectual, spiritual and sports education. The access of the School is a clear reflection of the architecture that awaits the students, in which the spaces stimulate their curiosity and invite them to play, talk, walk and move around. Moreover, thanks to the lights and amplitude of the space, topics related with social inclusion and intellectual education are easily address.    The narrowness that unifies the entrance with the schoolyard exemplifies the union between the school and its surroundings, in which the views generated by the slopes allow the students to find personal spaces in social areas. The understanding of the cultural space was another challenge when designing the Huinganal School. Spacious and open rooms promote the interaction between students and create a cozy environment. There are no rules for the ground use, and no distinction between the classroom´s and halls’ floor designs, making them look as a total and not apart.

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