Casa Vi by Ev+Lab Atelier. Sondirio, Italy


This house is located in the surroundings of Sondrio on the Orobic Alps, Italy, at about 1000 meters of altitude..
From a formal point of view the house refers to the rural houses: the only sloping roof, completely coated by stone, with no eaves.
The structure is in reinforced concrete and concrete bricks, with suitable thermal insulation, in order to obtain a good living comfort, and coated with local stone.
The cover consists of lamellar wood beams wood painted in white color. Doors and windows are in lamellar larch brushed and not treated with double glazing burglar proof. The materials choice – wood and concrete – and their combination enlights their strong intrinsic materiality.
The majority of the interior furniture is custom made and realized by local artisans with materials referred to structural ones: larch, concrete and iron.

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