RE-USE by Global Architects. The Netherlands


The renovation of the top floor of this Dutch mansion was a challenging one since the goal was to restore the traditional function of the rooms in an efficient and contemporary way without compromising the overall spatial experience. The main section of the apartment consists of a large space that contains the living room and the dining room. Two minimalist style built-in closets are centrally positioned alongside both walls and provide the total amount of requested storage space, including a hidden fridge, storage for the laundry machine and a bookcase. A clear division in functionality and the recovery of the proportions of the rooms have been accomplished without diminishing the sensation of the abundant presence of space. Daylight penetrates from both sides the complete depth of the interior and the ceiling hovers unhindered over the entire space.
The bricks of a section of the wall in the dining room as well as the concrete structure of the original fireplace have been revealed and contrast beautifully with white stucco interior finishing.
Additionally, throughout the whole interior industrial elements such as stainless steel kitchen cupboards, a stove of corten steel and raw grain wooden boards have been incorporated.
The result is a complete living experience which combines the ideals of the early 20th century bourgeoisie with contemporary high-tech and industrial design features, topped off with a comfortable indoor environment provided by the application of sustainable building principles.
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