The Stipped House by Martin Gomez. Uruguay


Following a simple idea, Martin Gomez designed  this house for a couple of young Americans, financiers and lovers of Punta del Este. They asked for advice on finding a good land and ordered the design of a single house, which should be easy to maintain and should have three bedrooms. The home should be in harmony with the environment.From outside, attention is drawn to the combination of materials used by Gomez – a mix of cedrino painted wood and white stripes turquoise, alternating with granite surfaces stone grey. This house is “Reminiscent of tent on a european beach” according to Martin.There are two separate areas (totaling 200 m2) connected by galleries (other 100 m2). There is a bedroom, looking east and a suite in three quarters. The second area, at right angles to the living room is the dining room and kitchen. They are loft type with long and narrow view to the pool and the sea, and surrounded by two terraces with eucalyptus wood floors and ceilings rods treaty.
all images E. Escalente


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