Apartment in Milan, Italy. By Westway Architects.

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Milan’s modern architecture has always been characterized by inner courtyard buildings and the typical case di ringhiera (tenement with communal balconies). This consideration has led the Rome based studio Westway Architects (Architects Luca Aureggi and Maurizio Condoluci) to conceive an original renovation project of a building dating back to 1882, at the time intended for popular housing for rent, at Viale Montegrappa 16.
The new residential complex located in the area between Porta Nuova and Porta Garibaldi, which has become the symbol of the Milan of today, seems to connect the past with the present.
he surprise that one can experience when opening the door of a historic Milanese building, is confirmed in this prestigious building at Viale Montegrappa, whose court is divided horizontally by a suspended garden that separates the commercial ground floor, from the residential area. The residential part develops vertically in different buildings with different heights, from four to six floors above the court. The continuity between the two levels, commercial and residential, is given by two trees that pierce, with two large elliptical eyes, the suspended terrace cover overlooked by 25 apartments of different sizes and shapes.
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