Casa Enseada by Arquitetura Nacional. Brazil



The project was born from the request of a young family for a beach house to rest on the weekends and holidays. Xangri-lá is a famous destination for many people during the summer in southern Brazil. Therefore, as a vacation destiny, the project aimed the maximum integration between the family and their visitors.

Once the lot is located in a condo, no gates were necessary. This, combined with the nice view of a lake, drove the architects to make the most of the surrounding landscape. The creation of shaded and fluids open spaces was the solution adopted in this project.

As for the volumetry of the building, the choice was for pure materials with little interferences. The house has two main volumes made of different materials – wood and concrete. They are stacked, creating two large structural overhangings. Taking advantage of these shaded areas, the living spaces can be expanded according to the season. The connection between these volumes is made through the staircase, which is completely covered externally by greenery. The marble panels in the bedroom windows strengthens the upper concrete volume.


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